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About the Band

Black and White Motion Picture is a slow-burn build but explosive rock band. This Denver-based group holds true to its roots in classic rock, blues, and funk to create an emotional and raw, ‘can’t look away’ experience. Ranging from serious to slapstick, Black and White Motion Picture is looking back, moving forward, and never taking life too seriously.


  • Failed childhood actor.
  • Still believes in Santa. 
  • Hopes to become a pokemaster.


  • Bulldog wrangler.
  • Obsessed with Redbull.
  • Is Josh’s sworn enemy. 


  • Is Bob Ross reincarnated.
  • Has dressed up as Mario for the past 10 Halloweens and counting.
  • Shreds on guitar.


  • Always late.
  • Loves terrible beer.
  • Has the hair of a god.


  • Meet our new bassist & singer!